Where to from here?

Well, that’s it. My twelve months of painting and blogging about it are up. In fact, I’ve gone over-time. Just as we were getting to know one another, my Getting My Art into Gear experiment has come to an end. I’ve never really been one for good-byes… unless the person I’m farewell-ing is astonishingly rude, … More Where to from here?

First-rate Finds: Understanding Pigments & Labelling in Paints

Ever since I began painting, I’ve always mixed my own black, rather than buying it ready-mixed in a tube. My rationale was that by mixing my own, I could always be sure of how warm or cool my black is, and thus, how it translates into other colours I mix it with when creating shades.  … More First-rate Finds: Understanding Pigments & Labelling in Paints

Party’s over, folks.

July means school holidays and birthdays in my household. Which, by default, means taking bite-sized snatches of painting time between not such bite-sized pieces of cake. To offset the parental guilt of knowingly placing children into sugar-comas, I like to ensure there is the healthy option of cut-up fruit and plain (okay, lightly salted) popcorn readily … More Party’s over, folks.