Squashed for time, but sticking to it.

I don’t know if it was the roses or perhaps how time-poor I’ve been, but this week I felt paint-shy.

I figure that’s bound to happen from time to time, so rather than pushing too hard against it, I did some drawing instead.

This is actually something I’d like to be doing everyday, because the better I am at seeing things and translating them onto paper, the easier my painting gets. If I don’t have to work as hard to get through the initial drawing phase of things, then I’ll have more time and concentration for the colour mixing and paintbrush slapping action I’m trying to perfect.

So here are two ordinary objects I grabbed from the recesses of my fridge and the kids’ craft cupboard (I’ll leave you to figure out which item came from where).

I concentrated on keeping things loose and trying to work quickly. My Instagram account shows the progression of the sticky tape dispenser over the hour I took to complete it.


The squash probably took less time (I’m guessing about 40 minutes), because I used chalk pastels, which cover the surface area more quickly than pencils do.

Curiously, of these two random objects, the squash was the more difficult to decipher with it’s unpredictable shadows and highlights. 

Despite only spending a couple of hours at my easel this week, I was okay with that. The remainder of what little free time I had, I spent reading up on alla prima oil painting and other art-related books. Not so visually interesting to you, my readers, but an absolute must for me. 

I’m about to embark upon three weeks of mid-winter school holidays as of today, so expect the unexpected, blog post-wise from me. I’ll do my best to keep producing, but I suspect there may be days where I find a squash in the craft cupboard and a sticky-tape dispenser in my fridge.


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