Twins – the blog post.

In what is fast becoming a bad habit, I bought some items from the supermarket that I thought could make for some good still-life props. The only problem was the lack of space in my fridge and their relatively short shelf-life. So despite my best intentions to take a break from ‘proper paintings’ to work on technique, I couldn’t hold back. You just don’t mess with dairy products.

I thought I’d hit upon something quick and easy when I set up my twin milk cartons – not an ellipse in sight.


When I came to blocking in the lights and darks of shadows, I began to have some doubts about the composition… I had initially thought to include a third, mid-sized carton into the arrangement, but liked the extremes of height with just the two. Less is More and all that.


I played about with multiple options, but kept coming back to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.


I decided to stop vacillating and just go with my gut. I blocked in all the base colours, the background and the cast shadows. And that’s when I realised how incorrect I’d been about how this would be a quick and easy painting.


Sure, I may not have had any ellipses to navigate, but to offset the plain background and open composition, I was going to need a bog-load of detail in the foreground. Arnold and Danny were going to need suiting up.


I’ll admit to feeling mildly despondent: Here I am trying to work on loosening up my brushwork, and I go and do this to myself. Painting packaging details… anyone would think I’m into graphic design.

Looking at where things were at in the painting at this point, I can see areas where I’m clearly beginning to trust in the efficacy of a single brush stroke to carry enough information  to get the message across. And that’s something to build upon.

Unlike Twins the movie, Twins the blog post has a cliff-hanger ending. Stay tuned for the final reveal later this week!


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