It’s in the bag: Staying sane while camping.

I took a break from painting over the past couple of weeks to stay sane during school holidays.

We went camping in the rain, so clearly the sanity side of things was loosely defined.

One thing I really began to appreciate while mucking about in the wet, was a hot cup of tea. So I guess it doesn’t take a huge leap in logic to see why my first painting after the break was this one.

I got to about the 3/4 mark and felt that it was looking a bit insipid. So I Photoshopped in a few backgrounds and finally settled on the dark pink. As well as tying in with the teabag label, it provided a good contrast to the cool greys of the teaspoon.


This is what it finished up like:

‘Tea for Me’ – 10 x 10cm oil painting on canvas board

No doubt there will be a few tea purists out there who will be cringing in agony at the fact that I choose to drink chai tea in a bag, but trust me, when you’re camping in the rain with three mud-covered boys, anything is welcome!


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