Testing… testing… 1. 2. 3.

I’m on the road this week; soaking up some glorious autumnal air and escaping the four walls of my house in favour of the claustrophobia of a camper van full of boys. 

This post is a bit of a guinea pig, to test how easily I can post from my phone. 

Just to keep you happy, I’ve trawled through some photos and found this pastel drawing of my kettle and his spouted cronies coming down all heavy-like on a small porcelain cup. 

Unfortunately, I never finished it. I think I grew frustrated with my limited palette of six colours, but the kettle’s pretty cool. A dark background, some deep shadows combined with that fork would really add some menace, don’t you think?

If life in the open agrees with me, I hope to do some sketching and maybe a little water colour work… keep an eye on my Instagram account for updates though (see side menu) because typing with one finger on a phone with a smashed screen is less fun than it sounds.


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