Smashing, thanks. How are you?

Last week my phone’s screen smashed for the second time in its two-year life.

There was nothing spectacular about it; I wasn’t rock-climbing in a blizzard when it fell from the pocket of my wing-suit… I was just doing my usual last-minute rush around to get bodies out of the house on time, and without warning, my phone base-jumped from my hand (sans wing-suit) and made a high-impact greeting with the dining room floor.

And it didn’t stop there: My son smashed up his favourite pair of glasses; I rolled my ankle playing basketball; And then there was that painting… Let’s just say I was glad I didn’t choose last week to book a hair appointment, because disasters appeared to be looming from ’round every corner.

But as I say to m’boys, ‘What can be learned from this?’ – because that’s the sort of eye-rollingly gag-worthy thing that every parent should say when things go tits up.

My personal take-home lesson for painting was: Paint small, paint simple. Added to this was: See misfortunes as opportunities (ugh! retch!), which translates better as: When things get broken, paint them.

And how lucky is that, because also last week, one of m’boys smashed a small bowl of mine and it fit perfectly into my new composition. How kind of him.

So here I have a painting without ellipses, and with a very minimal colour palette. Too minimal, some might say – but I’m from the school of Less is More, so this painting really floats my boat. Or, if I were greek, smashes my plates.

If you are super observant, you’ll have noticed that the bowl is meant to be patterned. You may also have realised that I am a bit of a glutton for punishment, so yep – I strapped on my wing-suit and dived right into that pattern. (So much for Less is More.)

Poor Delivery  –  10 x 8″ oil on canvas

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to paint fiddly, have a really good quality, really small brush on hand.  I didn’t, so now people will just have to believe that the original bowl my son smashed for me was hand-painted by a mum who’d just had herself a stressful week of breaking things.



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6 thoughts on “Smashing, thanks. How are you?

  1. Hey, popped over here from your other post. I really enjoy the subtle pattern of the china here and the visual energy created by the appearance that the largest shard of your plate seems to be balancing on a smaller shard very precariously (well enhanced by the shadow below it). On your question about the minimal colour palate perhaps being a bit too minimal I would say it is definitely on the edge. While the potential for the one shard to fall further (I can hear the crash in my head as I look at it) adds a dynamic element to the piece the colour palette definitely mellows the vibe for me, as does the quiet flower pattern. For some reason the first thing that comes to my mind is a jewel tone in the background perhaps making it feel a bit richer? But I can’t put my finger on exactly what colour would work with the rest of the composition and while it may feel richer I can’t say I would necessarily guarantee that would be an improvement. The stark, yet mellow feeling of the painting as is is quite unique.


    1. Thanks again for your comments Erika. Perhaps I’ll review this one when it comes time to frame these. Photoshop might shed some light onto some variations to background colours too… stay tuned!

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    1. Yes! It’s made such a difference. Before this painting I was trying all sorts of hands-free methods – the best one was blu-tak and my husbands adjustable camera tripod – but they all fell short in some way. I got this on eBay and won’t look back!

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