Rolling in it

There’s a first time for everything.

Sometimes this is a bad thing and you wish you’d avoided that first at all costs (root canals spring to mind). However, other times those firsts are good things; a breath of fresh air and a real boost in confidence and motivation.

Last post, I was all hopped up on self-astonishment that for the first time, I’d completed a painting in the space of a day. This post, I’m super-chuffed to draw your attention to another first: In one week I have completed three paintings from start to finish. Personal Records are falling left, right, and centre, dear readers. Fiona’s on a roll…

Which is why (among more obvious features) this latest painting is called: On a Roll.

On a Roll – 5 x 7″ Oil on board

I never promised you a classy blog folks.

While admittedly not the most glamorous of subjects, rolls of toilet paper certainly qualify as one of life’s more useful ordinary objects – we never think much about them till we’re without them! And  can I just say, after having spent hours gazing at the things and trying to get my ellipses right, I’m happy to go back to that way of thinking.


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2 thoughts on “Rolling in it

  1. As someone who is always running out of toilet rolls and constantly relying on neighbours, AND a toilet person, I sure can relate to this….. love it Fi! X


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