Delayed gratification = Feeling Peachy

After months of messing about with paint, and having to put things on hold with school holidays over Summer and feeling a bit tetchy because learning is y’know, difficult and not instant, I’ve finally had a breakthrough moment.

It all started when I was handing out some after-school snacks on Friday, and the peaches I was cutting up caught my eye in that ‘come hither and paint me in all my fuzzy peachiness’ kind of way.

Ordinarily, I would’ve dismissed the idea of painting with three boys beating about the house because well, ‘three boys’, ‘beating’ and ‘house’ don’t make great conditions for concentrating like I need to while painting.

But I ignored such sensible instincts and began arranging the fruit in my massive new shadow-box  where it positively blushed up in condonement. A bit over half an hour later, I finished the under-painting and stopped for the day.

Then my son entered the room and enquired after the rest of his afternoon tea, still glowing delectably beneath my lamp light. He was less than impressed that not only was I slowly air-drying and cooking it, but that he would have to forego said snack altogether. My shadow box had inadvertently become the last resting place of all remaining peaches in the house.

Perhaps to try to compensate him, but probably more because I was impatient to test out what I’d learned from my cactus painting a day earlier, I pressed on with my painting after dinner and throughout the rest of the evening.

I don’t think I’ve ever painted so much in one day. (My son certainly hasn’t had to wait that long for a piece of fruit in his life.) I have certainly never started and finished a painting all in one hit – it was actually a little bit euphoric to be honest… For the first time since I started this little painting experiment of mine, I feel like I’ve made genuine progress.

And the peaches were happily devoured the following day; par-cooked and all.

Overcast Peaches – oil on board, 5×7″

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