8 Things Body Building has Taught Me So Far:

It’s been nearly four months since I set myself the task of painting more regularly to build up what the experts call ‘a body of work’.  Here’s what I’ve learned about being a body builder to date:

No. 1
There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Just because I have been taught a certain way, doesn’t mean I can’t achieve results that I’m happy with by doing things differently. Knowing what rules I can bend though, is a process of trial and error that will only come with practice and experience.

No. 2
Not every painting has to be a ‘masterpiece’.
Particularly because I’m not actually what one might call a ‘master’ at this painting gig…

No. 3
These things take time.
…And I’m not likely to be anytime soon, but that’s okay.
Realistically, I think it’s also safe to say that my initial twelve-month time frame for this project will probably need to be extended. 

No. 4
Nuggets vs The Whole Chicken Dinner
Rather than impatiently assessing every painting based on the hoped-for end result, I try to focus on the bite-sized chunk that I just tackled. The trick is to keep measuring progress in small batches. It’s far more morale-boosting, and ultimately more productive.

No. 5
Ignoring it won’t make it go away
Procrastination is really only prolonging the pain. Better to just knuckle down and attempt one of those bite-sized chunks… I still struggle with this one though!

No. 6
Just because I really like doing something doesn’t mean it comes easily to me.
So why expect otherwise?  I am learning to enjoy the challenge of problem-solving with paint, and try to make a point of looking back periodically to see where I’ve improved along the way.

No. 7
Those things that don’t come easily to me are ultimately more satisfying.
I am happier on the days I paint – no matter the result – than on the days I procrastinate about painting.

No. 8
The more I learn, the more I realise that I have a lot more left to learn.
And that’s okay. Bring it on!

You didn’t really think I do body building, did you?


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