When Painting meets Pie Charts

I knew from the outset of this project that it would be a bumpy ride, but I realised today – with a genuine sense of failure – that I haven’t blogged in almost a month.

A whole month of creative idleness?  I can almost hear the disgruntled mutterings of those of you who ‘follow’ my site. For shame, Fiona…

But little do you know that at the start of this extra|ordinary painting blog journey of mine, I did what came most unnaturally to me as an artist: I set up a spread sheet to document what I work on and when.

That’s right, I crossed over to the other side. I flirted dangerously with facts and figures, exchanging creative impulses for nothing short of statistics [insert collective gasp here].

Today I’ve been rewarded for giving my inner-geek a long leash in this project of mine. Looking over the stats, I can see that I have not been idle and my brushes have not been bored. That sense of failure I was feeling? Vapourised.

From a blog reader’s perspective, I appear to have slacked off more atrociously than a person buying pre-boiled eggs from the refrigerated section of the supermarket (seriously folks, how hard is it to boil your own eggs?) However in reality, I have been soldiering on, little by little.

According to my spreadsheet, in the last 26 days I have painted on ten separate occasions; Read up on creativity and painting techniques; as well as updating my spreadsheet and social media posts.

All that soldiering on means that today I finally finished the pegboard village painting. All those straight lines and circular cirles took hours and hours and hours. So long, in fact, that I even considered the aforementioned egg option, just to buy me some more time with the paintbrush.


It is nothing like the last painting I finished, and it is by no means perfect, but I love it. Even if all the pegboard holes make my eyes go berserk.

I guess, from the outset, this project has always been about the painting. This blog helps to motivate me, but I can’t let the blog keep me from painting. Sorry.

When things get busy (as they have been) and you don’t hear from me in a while (which will happen), I haven’t given up on getting my art into gear. Trust me, I have the pie-charts to prove it.

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2 thoughts on “When Painting meets Pie Charts

  1. I love this one!! It reminds me of some lovely little European village, but I can also see some modern architecture in there too…..and the dots….I love dots!!


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