All Strung Out Over Nothing

After much procrastination, I finally added the last of the highlight brushstrokes to my String Painting. You could say, I’ve been really ‘stringing things out’.

I had planned on just quietly adding this to my instagram page and not running this same painting by you yet again, but as this is the first cab off of My Art Experiment‘s rank, I felt the String deserved a little more than that. If not for the String, then let’s do it for the Buttons.

Besides, there were discoveries along the way that I felt like sharing:

For instance, I have discovered that as I draw near to the closing stages of a painting – particularly when I’m pleased with its progress so far – I grow increasingly loathe to balls it up. Suddenly it becomes very important that I start a new painting. Or take up another hobby. I know things have progressed to a point of nearly no return when housework hits the top of my To Do List.

This week, I started two new paintings in addition to the Toothbrushes Painting I last posted about. I also did some sewing (the less said about that, the better), and my kitchen benchtops have never looked so tidy and sparklingly reflective. I even contemplated window washing. Clearly, things were getting dire.

I might be a skilled procrastinator, but years of working to deadlines for bosses and clients have also made me a complete sucker for meeting target dates at all costs. I truly can make sleep an optional extra. So I set myself and my String Painting ‘This Week’ as a deadline to meet, and today, I crossed the finish line.



So there you have it. All that beating about the bush, putting things off and delaying to the point of Spring cleaning really was just fear of failure.

I will say this though, it’s a good thing I’ve got three other paintings on the go now, because my windows really are in need of a good clean.


Some technical guff for those who like that sort of thing:

I used a glazing technique to put in the dark shadows on the string. Glazing involves thinning the paint down with Paint Medium to make it more transparent.

Looking at it, I think the shading has flattened out the ball somewhat, and made it look a bit graphic. It’s not the blended effect I was initially after, but I don’t dislike it enough to want to change it.

The Paint Medium has also taken some shine out of the surface of the paint, leaving some dull patches. When it comes time to varnish this after some months of drying, that should even things out I hope.






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