A Godzilla Week that Gave Me the Blues. or: Don’t Read This if you’re Squeamish

After My Monster Week last week, things just got a little out of control…

Since I last blogged, I’ve had the dubious honour of seeing not one, but four of my home cooked meals re-presented to me after they were consumed. The last one was a gift to myself. (Really regretted the glass of red that I paired with my Barf and Kidney Bean enchiladas that evening).

I spent the night lying half-awake, caught between exhaustion and the knowledge that the barest of burps might result in my having that most unique of bedspreads I’ve long been scouring the shops for. Only after this, I’d be scouring my bedspread instead.

The up-side was that while lying awake, I pondered future paintings, and planned my next move on those ‘works-in-progress’.

After a couple of days feeling more spent than a dollar in a lolly shop (or perhaps more aptly, fifty dollars in an art store), I gritted my teeth and returned to my paint palette.

I need to show you progress of some sort each week after all… What good is the so-called accountability of keeping up a blog about My Art Experiment if all I do is gripe about my health and stop painting?

My Godzilla Week kiboshed my plans to finish my string painting (so close, but yet so far… I will post the final image on my instagram account, so stay tuned).

I had also hoped to get all the major colours down on my Toothbrush Pot Plant painting. Clearly I struggled, because I haven’t even managed to come up with a better working title than ‘Toothbrush Pot Plant Painting’ (any suggestions?) I did however manage the pot. Something is better than nothing.

There is still more work to be done, but it’ll do for now. I fear it’s already looking a bit over-worked. I am liking the looser style, and I really love that blue.

That’s the one thing that My Godzilla Week of Gastro should get credit for: After successive days and nights of dealing with the results of stomach tantrums, I have no compulsion to mix up any colours in the brown-green range of hues.


4 thoughts on “A Godzilla Week that Gave Me the Blues. or: Don’t Read This if you’re Squeamish

  1. Kiboshed! Love that word! Sorry to hear that your house was full of brown-green hues. There is very little that is worse than a house full of gastro. Hope you are all back on more than tea and toast. x

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