Cakes, Confetti & Warping Time

What do you call a throat infection, a kid with gastro, two doctor’s appointments, a few project deadlines, a couple of client meetings and a son’s birthday thrown in for good measure? … My. Monster. Week.

Need I say it, time with paint was at a premium over the last seven days. Yep, a month into this blog and I’m already dishing out excuses.

But there are benefits to having things go pear-shaped every now and then. This week I found myself letting go of some perfectionism. Compare the birthday cake I made for my son’s 7th birthday:


…To the one I made for him today:



With my newfound appreciation of all things ordinary, I simply iced these babies, handed the birthday boy some lollies and let him get on with it. We had some fun, he had a sugar rush, and I discovered that should I ever be short of confetti at a wedding, mini m&ms are an ideal substitute.

So what does any of this have to do with my painting journey?

Well, this week I learned how to warp time.

Despite hours of every day being re-allocated to unexpected or pressing deadlines (none more so than my son’s stomach) I was determined to still do something with paint.

Instead of taking the route of procrastination, I went with the ‘Something is Better than Nothing‘ principle and just did what I could with no huge hopes or expectations.

It turns out that painting when time is short allowed me to just loosen up. I worked out my composition, grabbed my chunkiest brushes and began blocking in my background:


Note that I did my background first this time round? Now I can’t stress about it half way through. And note that for once it’s not green?  (I’ve gone toad over frog this time.)


The following evening I blocked in the major light and darks within the pot plant, and used up the remnants of my white paint and background browns to make a start on the enamel cups we use to hold our toothbrushes.

All this while baking birthday cakes. I’m telling you people: I can warp time.

I was really enjoying myself. No fiddly line work, just slapping paint on the canvas. It was the painting equivalent of letting my son decorate his cake.

And then, at 10:35pm, I remembered that I still hadn’t wrapped my boy’s birthday gifts for the following day, let alone hung decorations, and I was all out of time-warp powers.

Did I mention there were a few late nights in My Monster Week?





3 thoughts on “Cakes, Confetti & Warping Time

  1. Cant believe your middle boy is 10! Im afraid to ask how old your oldest is, esp because we have his 1st bday cake eating magnet still on our fridge LOL! And, did you really make the Sabre Tooth Tiger cake? Looks very professional…..hmmmmm?


    1. Strapping 12 year old in poll position to outgrow his mother! And yes, the Diego cake was mine (what are you implying hmmmm?!). 😉 Ashamed to admit I spent 5 hours piping the stupid icing in place and it was eaten in 5 minutes. I’ll stick with painting from now on – better longevity!


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