The Frog makes a come-back

Using this blog to document my painting progress reveals tendencies I’ve developed that I seem to have been blind to until now.

In my case, the tendency is so glaringly obvious that a mole-rat with cataracts probably spotted it before I did, but I got there in the end – and now I’m outing myself:

I think I may have a preferential leaning towards green.

This week I bit the bullet and did some dreaded background work on my string painting.
Not wanting to waste time or paint experimenting, I jumped onto my computer and began Photoshopping in some quick and dirty backgrounds. Here are some screen shots:

I also digitally added in some shadow areas to see the effect of shading on objects. This gave me some confidence to move forward, seeing what I still needed to work on.

As I painted, I began to get a strong sense of dé ja vu… I had, of course, leaned firmly in favour of The Frog. Green again!  Perhaps this is what comes with using a pool table as a bed each night?


I left the background unfinished half-intentionally (to take a break from all that green) and got to work on the buttons. I didn’t want a rainbow effect, so I limited the colours to blues, reds and natural hues.


It all needs some proper highlight effects thrown into place, the shadows could do with more work too, and the shading on the ball of string could be more dramatic, but this is where it currently stands.

Curiously, I rather like the effect of the unfinished background. I think it creates interest. (What do you think? I’d welcome any feedback!)

I also don’t mind the very visible brush-stroke work. I’m not trying for photo-realism (that’s what cameras are for) and, I’m also not that skilled. You wouldn’t be either if you were as blind as a mole-rat and stiff from sleeping on a pool table each night.




4 thoughts on “The Frog makes a come-back

  1. I’m no art critic but I really , really like the “end ” product. I like the colours and the half – intentional unfinished background…… I think its effective and fitting with the subject. It would look super on my wall.


    1. Thanks for your feedback! And I’m really not anticipating much action from ‘art critics’ – at the end of the day it’s all useful feedback, no matter who’s commenting 😀.


  2. Love it Fi! Very cool..
    Is this green leaning something that I should be concerned about..?
    Btw I need the painting finished, but that’s my personality – no artistic idea at all!


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