“When I grow up I’d like to be an artist.”

So said my nine year old self. Then I heard the words ‘graphic designer’ and they sounded much more modern and adult, so I changed tack. My parents breathed a sigh of relief: I would be able to afford to move out of home one day.

Fast forward thirty years and here I am: a freelance graphic designer and mother to three boys, and beginning to think I should try shaping those childhood fantasies into a far more realistic, attainable goal.

I’m not after a career change, I just want to push myself to make positive changes to habits and improve some skills.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist. It’s great for my clients, but when it comes to painting it sees me throwing up so many hurdles to my own progress that I rarely see a personal art piece through to its completion.

It’s not about the end result; its about the process.

Procrastination is really just fear of failure. So this is my simple, dogged attempt at just getting over myself and on with painting.

You’re welcome to come along for the ride. And it’s alright Mum and Dad; I’ll still be able to feed my family.


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